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Luxury Homes, Custom Built in Melbourne

We are a Melbourne-based luxury home builder and a boutique architectural firm with a unique customer service model.

Looking to have your new luxury home custom designed and built but don't want the hassle of dealing with multiple companies? We are Melbourne based luxury home builders with an in-house team of architects, interior designers, architectural draftspersons and dedicated award winning builders. The seamless collaboration between our in-house team and dedicated builders offers a range of diverse skills and expertise under one roof & allows all parties to work together simultaneously on a project rather than as separate entities. We provide a range of services tailored to suit individual brief & budget.

Our services range from the full service of concept through to completion of build to individual drawing, design & build services only. We also specialise in luxury dual occupancy projects.

Our Custom Home Building Process

Pre Engagement

Your journey will typically begin with a phone call with our highly experienced practice manger.

He will ask lots of questions about you, your site and your vision and what is important to you.

During this call he will undertake a preliminary assessment of your site to uncover any potential planning and building requirements that will need to be considered. He will also identify potential constraints and opportunities and understand the level of importance that these may hold for you. Examples of these might be the opportunity to invite beautiful natural light into your dwelling or to obtain the unique views that your site may offer. He will touch on range of costs to expect for your project to ensure that the product and service the we provide will suit what you are seeking.

Our next step is a meeting in our office where a more detailed discussion about your project and your expectations will be held. We will discuss in greater detail who we are and our approach and present some of our portfolio of work to you.

Feasibility & Brief

The premise of the feasibility is discover & factor anything that could impact the design prior to putting pen to paper & starting the design. Once engaged, the architectural team will visit the site, to understand the environment & surrounds that they will be designing into and look for anything that could be a major impediment or needs to factored. They also review the information received back from relevant consultants again looking for anything in this that could impact the design, e.g looking at are the boundaries in the right spot. All of this is inside or understanding the environment and any problems that can be foreseen at an early enough stage that we can either redirect the design or factor it in.

All stake holders are included in the brief, the architect, interior designer & representation of the construction. All 3 parties are listening for elements of the brief that will impact their specific areas, this provides a holistic approach, its not just one person, the architect or designer listening taking the brief, its multiple people in the brief so every thing is getting captured & its people listening to it from the differing perspectives. The design brief is then documented for the client to review & whilst the client will continue to discover & evolve on this journey, about 95% of what the clients wants is now factored as a line item in the brief that needs to be met by the architectural team. We examine, not only any visual imagery & likes or dislikes but also extensively look at how you live in your environment- your habits, how you are likely to evolve in this space as inviduals & as a family over the coming years. The Brief once confirmed provides the information to be able to begin to design the concept.

Concept Design

The concept design is a culmination of everything that has gone before it - the feasibility & the design brief. The architect will undertake a few weeks to design the project, using the all the creativity that can be harnessed with the constraints of feasibility, budget and brief. Once the architect has created the design, the key stakeholders that were in the brief review the design creatively and against the brief and budget. This enables us to approach the design holistically and with the end in mind at this early stage.

One of the most exciting moments is presenting the concept design to clients, it’s the moment where all the ideas they have had in their head , all the thoughts of what might occur & how it may come together gets realised. They get to see how the architect has created something very specifically for them, often it may not be exactly what they were thinking but rest assured it always meets everything they were looking for

Virtual Reality

The concept is brought to life in 3D & in virtual reality. Fully immersive virtual reality allows our clients to walk thru their home, experiencing how the spaces feel and with the ability to see varying and experience the perspectives. We also provide downloadable 3D files of the design at varying intervals so clients can explore it on their your own devices in the comfort of their own home.

Town planning

If this required, we work with a number of very skilled town planners who partner us from the beginning of the project, in fact the pre engagement work involves a town planner if required so that we understand the constraints & elements that require addressing as part of the design. The town planner also reviews the concept design to make sure we meet the requirements or we understand where we are pushing the boundaries. We are able to communicate that with our clients from the concept stage. We coordinate the landscape design incorporating into our documentation. We then prepare the specific documentation that council will require. In conjunction with our town planners, we manage the negotiation and see it through to the attainment of planning permit. Our process is effective and successful with a track record of 100% success in obtaining planning permits for all of our projects.

Detailed Design selections

This occurs after town planning if required & if not it flows on from the Virtual Reality stage. In this stage we have 3 key stakeholders that manage the project in the area of their focus. The first is the architect, the second is the interior designer, the third is the landscape designer (unless completed as part of town planning). All 3 key stake holders focus on the area of the project that affects their skill & focus to take a project through to a point where selections are made and all of the structural elements of the project that relate to their key focus are resolved & known., This then ends with a sign off that the structural elements & anything that effects have been resolved

Working Drawings

This is the collation and preparing documentation. The structural engineers work is incorporated into our documentation set as is finalising all of the specifications and detailed drawings in readiness for the final pricing to be done before we sign a building contract.


Construction pricing is finalized contracts are signed & the build begins. We can organise demolition, building permit is obtained & construction begins. Although the construction team are now at the fore, the architectural & Interior design team continue to be involved in this phase, collaborating with our clients & the construction team throughout this phase, ensuring the design intent is carried thru bringing the vision that has been created to life. Quality checks & measures are performed throughout the build to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.


Residential Architects Melbourne

Our in-house architectural studio DL Architects, registered with the ARBV, thrives on designing unique homes that are intelligent, creative & highly practical. Our holistic design/build approach sets us apart from traditional architectural practices & provides our clients better outcomes.


Choose The Right Custom Home Builders

Looking for Luxury Home Builders Melbourne? We are a Melbourne-based architectural and building company who specialises in creating boutique and luxury residential homes that are tailored to our clients. Our history is born out of the merging of two worlds; custom home building & architecture.


Dual Occupancy Specialists

Maximise your investment potential. When starting out on a development project it is critical to understand and clarify your goals and objective. Whether you want to live in one dwelling or plan to sell or rent the others it is important to consider how each dwelling is designed and specified for its purpose and target market.

Custom & Luxury Built Homes - Our Difference

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    Christine and Nick from Northcote Because of the shape and size of our block and the style of the house we wanted, we knew there was no option to buy our house ‘off the shelf’. Finding an architect was our first decision and then it was going through the process of who to choose. I found Destination Living on the…

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