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Corner Blocks

While property owners, renovators, builders and property developers can be captivated by the extra garden, the parking space or potential for development on a corner block, it is essential to establish what your goals are before you determine a pathway for action.

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What are the advantages of a corner block?

• Dual access is perhaps the biggest advantage for a single dwelling. This provides greater flexibility in design.
• Higher resale land values.
• High sale returns for developments due to street frontage to all residences. The separate driveways, titles and lack of body corp. all contribute to higher end values than the traditional front to back development configurations.

What are the disadvantages of a corner block?

• You can pay more for corner blocks due to the development potential.
• There can be privacy issues for single dwellings, people looking over the back fence, shortcuts through the front garden if fencing is not in place, potential loitering.
• The positioning of external items like street lights and services can negatively impact design and development potential
• Additional fencing costs for single residential homes.
• Added development costs due to all facades being exposed to street views. It can also mean increased landscaping costs for the same reasons.
• Due to the prominence of corner block sites, councils tend to be rigorous in their approach, and their “ neighborhood character” rules in particular

Double Frontage Home Design Using A Corner Block

What are some of the things to consider in developing or building on my corner block?

As with any potential development or build, undertaking due dilligence and extensive planning are the keys to success. Engaging in feasibility studies before you purchase and build or develop your land is critical to avoiding a myriad of potential disasters. Detailed feasibility highlights all the potential issues that may get in the way of your end goal. Knowing this upfront allows you to be proactive rather than reactive.

What may impede developing a corner block?

1. Engagement of any design services without detailed feasibility included
2. Council overlays and additional restrictions
3. Potentially restrictive setbacks that can affect the building envelope
4. Site issues that may impact e.g. location of electricity poles, any easements
5. Impact of trees
6. The local real-estate market

Corner Block Townhouses
Pictured above is one of our developments in Beaumaris, we offer a range of property development services.

How can Destination Living assist you with your corner block home or corner block development?

Our approach is all about good creative design to the client brief and financial scope underpinned by extensive planning.
• We have a range of feasibility services suitable to pre and post corner block land purchases
• Destination Living’s stable of in-house architects, interior designers, and builders align closely with clients to deliver highly creative corner block houses and developments with quality finishes.
• Our design services are flexible, ranging from the full service of concept to completion to individual architectural & interior design services

You can read about Destination Living in more detail on our about us page, view our gallery of homes or contact us to discuss your corner block project

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Corner Block Home Design Sandringham

Above is our Sandringham project, to see the rest of the images for this project click here

Creativity In Architectural Design

Corner block designs generally require more creativity in architectural design than standard blocks to maximise the outcome of the property.

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