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Dual Occupancy Project

Dual Occupancy Home

As demand for new housing increases and living on smaller blocks gains acceptance there continues to be a noticeable shift towards dual occupancy (or dual-occ) and multi-dwelling developments.

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For many first time developers, a dual occupancy project makes perfect sense as it is, generally speaking, the simplest and easiest form of developing. That said, even a dual-occ project involves a complex process that requires significant skill and understanding to negotiate effectively.

Dual Occupancy Home Designs

There are typically three design options, or configurations when it comes to dual occupancy:

  • One dwelling at the front and one at the rear of a property
  • Two dwellings side by side that share a common wall, commonly known as a duplex
  • A corner block that potentially allows two detached dwellings with separate titles and street frontages

The first critical step, with any development, is to identify and clarify your goals. This is important as it will form the benchmark for your project and will be continually referenced during the process. The appropriate style of development will depend on your goals and a number of factors including orientation, size and shape of the block, lifestyle needs, planning guidelines, etc. If not already established, a site feasibility can assist in creating a clear development direction.

Balwyn Dual Occupancy Home Design

Balwyn Project - Dual Occupancy Home Designs

Developing, now or never?

With sweeping planning changes that came into effect in 2014, it is even more important to do your due diligence as to what you can develop on your site as some of the proposed changes will have a significant impact on the development potential of many blocks.

Working with Destination Living

There are many companies out there who offer ‘dual-occupancy’ services. Most will only offer a predetermined floor plan that they will endeavour to wedge on any site with scant regard for client requirements, natural light or good design. Though this approach may suit some developers, it is far from ideal in terms of making the best use of your site and providing a high level of design.

A cheaper design may seem like a good idea at the time but can wind up being very costly when it comes time to sell. It has been found that homes designed by architects achieve higher resale values. As a specialist residential architecture practice, and developers ourselves, we have a complete understanding of how to negotiate the challenges to successfully developing a site.

We have noticed in the last 18 months an increase in the number of enquiries from people wanting to develop. With property prices having increased significantly in recent times this can be a sound way to build a new home, downsize and stay or move into an area. It can also help you to realise some of the equity in your block or offset the costs of building.

The majority of our current dual occupancy projects are for clients who have two specific reasons for developing:

1) to create their own home

2) to create a quality tangible asset in the process.

Our Richmond Dual Occupancy Project

Richmond Project - Dual Occupancy Home Designs

Our Dual Occupancy Services

With many different types of development opportunity available understanding which site is suitable for your development goals is vital. Whether you are a first time developer or seasoned professional we offer a range of tailored services to help realise your project.

We can provide individual service if you are just looking for that last piece of the puzzle, or put together a comprehensive development package that takes the project from concept design to completion of the build. From the initial site feasibility analysis, concept design and town planning approvals through to a complete design and construct project we will provide a development program to meet your needs.

If you would like to discuss your development with us you can call 1300 637 837 or enquire online.

Development Success

As a specialist residential architecture practice, and developers ourselves, we have a complete understanding of how to negotiate the challenges to successfully developing a site.

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