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A custom home is a unique, one-of-a-kind design created just for you, giving you control over the big and little touches of your dream home.

Our business offers design and build services.

Our in-house team of architects, interior designers, draughtsmen and dedicated award-winning builders will collaborate with you on one, or all, stages of the project.

As custom builders, Destination Living focuses on small-volume luxury homes such as:

Destination Living Custom Homes - One of a kind Custom designed luxury homes. Our award-winning team of architects, interior designers, builders and phenomenal homes that you can experience for yourself when you decide to design and build with Destination Living.

Period & Heritage Custom Homes - Unique and elegant classic home reproductions and renovations.

Each block of land has its own unique set of conditions. Interpreting and evaluating these before beginning to design your new home is essential to the planning stage of your project.

With years of experience, our architect together with our building and cost management teams, will undertake an extensive analysis of your site to determine the best design approach and realise the imposed constraints.

The constraints for your site are uncovered by studying reports and interpreting the following conditions:

  • your sites topography (levels)
  • the shape and/or size of your land
  • natural and built structures on your site or neighbouring sites that will remain
  • the neighbourhood streetscape
  • current building codes and restrictions
  • applicable planning overlays and restrictions
  • your sites services and easements
  • the exact boundary positions
  • your sites subsurface
  • applicable bushfire assessment (BAL)
  • applicable wind rating assessment

Clearly understanding the constraints that we must work with will enable our architect to freely direct your design aspirations and ideas, taking them from a concept and turning them into reality.

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