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Knockdown Rebuild

Sometimes it just makes sense to knock it down, design something that is personal to you and build it. This is an attractive option as it allows you stay at your current location. Staying on the same site in a familiar, well-loved area can mean less stress, less time and fewer expenses

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Do we renovate or rebuild?

But how do you get to this decision? How do you explore whether to renovate or re- build?

From an architect’s perspective, we would begin by looking at the existing bones of the building and ask the question, is this salvageable? We'd work out what’s not working and discover the parts that are.

We can then start to realise how additions and modifications might change the existing program, and create a new function and space to enjoy, and provide a fresh new look.

Then there’s the reality component: Is it buildable? Will I compromise the structural integrity? And how much will it cost?.
There are often unforeseen issues that can occur on site, in renovations and additions. These can potentially cause budget blow outs, planning issues and delays. Additionally, you may find that the new is not sitting well with the existing which becomes a problem of where do you start and where do you stop.

It could potentially be more expensive than a knock down and rebuild.

With a knock down rebuild you start with an empty canvass, it becomes something new and creative, all of who are you gets to be reflected in the design, it’s a fascinating experience seeing it evolve into something unique.

How much will it cost me to knock down and rebuild?

Whether you are looking to renovate or knock down and rebuild you can use our quick building calculation tool to help you with an estimate of building your home.

Love where you live

Outgrown your old home but want to avoid the hassle of buying and selling? A knockdown and rebuild by Destination Living might just be what you need.

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How Much Will My Project Cost?

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