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Multi-Dwelling Property Developments

Property developments can often be a fine balancing act between the physical site constraints, planning guidelines and the financial requirements of the developer for a successful and viable project. Not only are the individual designs of each dwelling important, the master planning of the whole project is fundamental to creating a high-value and successful development project.

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Achieving a well thought out, balanced development that will satisfy the required regulatory bodies, without being subject to a long drawn out planning approval process, and also realise a good return on invest for the developer can be a delicate process. Great design is a vital element in a successful development and at a fraction of the cost of a project it will prove to be a sound investment.

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Clarity of goals, objectives and a tailored approach to each phase of a multi-dwelling project is critical.

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As a specialist residential architecture practice, with a dedicated team of architects, interior designers and builders we have extensive expertise in boutique residential developments.

Our experience designing multi-storey residential and master planning multi-dwelling developments coupled with strong industry knowledge of the residential market allows us to guide you through a complex and potentially costly process.

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Having an architect who understands cost effective construction methodologies to guide you through the planning process is an essential combination for an outstanding and profitable development.

From project scoping and master planning of developments to the intricate details of the interiors we can design and manage your project to its successful realisation.

Please take a moment to look at services we offer and some of our development projects or you can contact us at [email protected] or 1300 637 837

How Many Units?

Generally speaking the more dwellings you want to fit onto a site the more complex and difficult the approval process becomes.

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