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Renovations & Extensions

Love where you live, but your home doesn’t cater for your family or is in need of an update? Can’t bring yourself to demolish your home and start again? Are there still good ‘bones’ in the old place or does your property have a heritage overlay that requires you to keep some part of the existing dwelling?

Whatever the reason for renovating or extending, careful and considered design will be the essential ingredient required to revitalise, reorganise and bring innovative design solutions to creating a whole new lease on life for your home.

Altering or adding to an existing dwelling is inherently more complex that starting with a vacant block and designing a new home. Typically old houses were designed for a different lifestyle and are often poorly designed to take advantage of the beautiful light we have in Australia. Often renovating a home will require a reorganisation of rooms to create spaces that suit our modern lifestyle and take advantage of abundant natural light.

Whether you are looking for a sympathetic heritage restoration or a large modern extension, working with an architect and interior designer will give you the best chance to realise your vision.

As a specialist residential Melbourne practice we understand the complexities and challenges involved in renovating and revitalising your home. That is why we have created, with our experienced team of architects, interior designers and builders, a clear and easy process to follow. Whether you are undertaking a major extension or just wanting to smarten up a room or two we have a full range of architectural, interior design, town planning and building services to suit.

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Combining old with new

Renovating can also deliver some amazing and creative results by working with an existing structure and coming up with contemporary solutions.

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