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The architectural service provided by DL Architects, our in-house architectural studio, is comprehensive. Our clients are offered the choice of an all-in-one design solution from initial concept through to building completion or individual architectural services. One of our senior architects has written about our architectural services in more depth below, including:

  • What it means to engage an architect
  • How DL's service differs to most architectural firms
  • The benefits and outcomes of our services for clients

The Connection

Inspiration to realise an idea can come from literally anywhere.
Lifestyle magazines, sipping coffee in a well-designed café, waiting for someone in a public space while admiring the architecture, an image or colour, a quirky street light, a friends new home, a movie, travel, etc., the list goes on…

Inspiration is the easy part for everyone.

The experience of noticing someone else’s idea in physical form or illustration actually creates the desire to have your own unique identity translated and represented in an accurate, reflective and intimate way. That’s the hard part.

How do you get the idea from inside your head….out into the world?

Communication and interpretation are the two critical components here. The purpose of the architect is to engage on a level with you, as the client, where they are clear and succinct about what you’re thinking. This determines the success of what you want to achieve from your idea.

That’s the first part…

The Industry Standard

The ongoing role of the architect from this point varies according to the level of service the client wishes to engage in.

Some core stages of the process which are industry standard are as follows:

  • 1. Site and context analysis
  • 2. Concept design
  • 3. Design development
  • 4. Contract documentation and /or building permit documentation

At DL, we have registered architects with a high level of experience that partner clients from the initial “idea” through contract stage and on-goingly throughout the building process.

The Unique

Typical examples of poor outcomes when designing a custom home include:

  • Designing your home and finding out after paying the architect that the budget has been exceeded
  • Having to go back to planning after the builder tells you it can’t be built
  • Not enough information and detail for the builder so he does what he wants and charges you more for it
  • Ducting doesn’t fit…. Back to planning and more fees

What separates DL from industry standards?

  • We have developed a comprehensive service that irons out all the potential hazards that typically await the client at build stage.
  • We have developed “additional services” that are unique to DL and not available elsewhere

In summary, to design a custom home requires a structured sequential process, like “links in a chain”, and someone overseeing everything to ensure the budget, timeline and design integrity are met.

What actually occurs industry wide is that the process becomes “dislocated” because the critical personnel are not present for the important conversations with the clients. When these messages are passed on third hand, they often get lost in translation.

At Destination Living we decided to combine all the “links in the chain” under one roof. With DL Architects, we have created an environment for our architects to perform their roles as designers, project managers and also having the in house resources of:

  • Experienced Cost support staff
  • Interior designers
  • Building and project managers
  • Registered affiliated builders

The above experts are available to the architects on-goingly.

The Benefits For The Client

  • Budget has been met (after architect has finished)
  • Ongoing client support throughout the process on project status from a cost/ feasibility/ and construct-ability point of view
  • Specific experts excelling in their specific fields (rather than architect do all) maximising expert consultancy for the client within a controlled environment by the architect
  • Trade level expertise by professionals that achieve detailed design outcomes with efficiency to assist the architect

Basically, we offer the client the opportunity to invest more in the design process to minimise risk of complications when the architect is done.

The Outcome

Clients are preparing to invest a great deal into their custom home. The success to ensuring this happens is in the comprehensive level of planning before a builder is engaged. In agreeing to the comprehensive service provided by Destination Living what the client can expect is:

  • Confidence that the project will be designed to budget
  • Satisfaction that what we have designed is actually going to work very well for the client
  • Excitement when seeing unique and courageous ideas taking form via 3D imagery
  • Belief that the industry is capable of achieving great things
  • Trust in the consultants they are giving their money too
Perfecting Form with Harmony

We have developed a comprehensive service that irons out all the potential hazards that typically await the client at build stage.

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