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California Bungalow

Californian Bungalow House and California Bungalow Design

Widely popular throughout the early 1900's, the California Bungalow with its wood shingle, stucco and red brick finish is still very popular amongst Melbourne's home buyers.

California Bungalow Design

Extremely popular in the US, Californian Bungalow designs became popular through the practice of building from mail-order plans available from many illustrated catalogues.

Whether you're looking to build or renovate a California Bungalow home, our in-house architect and interior design team takes the time to really understand your needs and wants to create a truly beautiful home for you.

Furthermore, each and every home is designed to blend in with your surrounding streetscape at the same time incorporating your own unique thoughts and ideas.

California Bungalow Builders Melbourne

Destination Living: A team of skilled professionals

Of course a house can only be as great as the sum of its parts (and people). To achieve the best result it is critical to work with an experienced team of professionals including your architect, interior designer and builder. We, at Destination Living, recognise this, which is why we have created a team of experienced and highly skilled design and build professionals all under one roof to seamlessly help you realise your vision for your home.

Working in partnership with our well-orchestrated team you will finally be able to create your dream California Bungalow home.

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Experience the Destination Living difference for yourself. For a FREE consultation call Destination Living now on 1300 637 837.

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