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French Provincial Homes

Are you too captivated by the beauty of French Provincial Homes? With their elegant forms and refined detail it is easy to see why there is an enduring appreciation and demand for classically designed provincial homes. There is certainly something captivating about seeing a beautifully designed and realised home in all its opulent splendour.

The Melbourne market is flooded with " cheap" looking volume versions of French Provincial Homes. At Destination Living, we are discerning with any French Provincial style projects we look to take on, we only design & build luxury classic homes that reflect true craftsmanship, quality and enduring design.

French Provincial Homes Project in Kew Melbourne

French Provincial Home in Kew, Melbourne, designed and built by Destination Living

Classic design for a contemporary lifestyle

The challenge with French Provincial homes today is taking a housing concept from a different era, climate and lifestyle and blending the aesthetics with our modern lifestyle.

As the old saying goes “The devil is in the details”, and no more is this the case than when it comes to designing, detailing and realising a beautiful classic home. Whether you want to continue the classic theme throughout your home or, as is often the case, would like the timeless period façade complemented with a contemporary interior of natural light and open living spaces.

French Provincial Homes Project in Kew Melbourne Interiors

Interior of the French Provincial Home in Kew, Melbourne

French Provincial Home Builders Melbourne

Destination Living: A team of skilled professionals

Of course a house can only be as great as the sum of its parts (and people). To achieve the best result it is critical to work with an experienced team of professionals including your architect, interior designer and builder. We, at Destination Living, recognise this, which is why we have created a team of experienced and highly skilled design and build professionals all under one roof to seamlessly help you realise your vision for your home.

Working in partnership with our well-orchestrated team you will finally be able to create your French provincial masterpiece.

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French Provincial Home Builders Melbourne

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