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Sloping Block House Designs

Sloping blocks come with their own distinctive set of challenges and opportunities - from both a design and constructability viewpoint - which requires a specific set of skills, knowledge, experience and expertise to navigate when designing a home. Each site is unique and therefore there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach when it comes to sloping block house designs.

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The Challenge

Sloping blocks also come with their own unique challenges. With the slope of the block, height restrictions, overshadowing, drainage issues and compliance with council regulations, designing homes for sloping blocks demands specialist expertise and meticulous planning.

Our Difference

Destination Living has a long history in designing, costing & constructing homes on steep blocks. Our architects complete a rigorous and comprehensive process of investigation to fully understand the site prior to commencing the design process itself, including:

  • Site feasibility; compliance with council regulations, any overlays
  • Understanding the complexity of build site issues- e.g. retainers, site access
  • Services analysis

This initial scoping establishes and defines the parameters to enable the architect to curate a design that responds to the opportunities of the site and also providing the client with a realistic project budget to work with.

If you would like to discuss your development with us you can call 1300 637 837 or enquire online.

Sloping Block House Designs Oak Park Luxury Home   Sloping Block House Designs Oak Park Luxury Home 2

Sloping Design

Designing a house for a sloping block is a much more dynamic and multifaceted process, creating many possibilities for living spaces beyond that of a standard flat site.

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