Split Level Homes

Building a new home on a sloping block? Destination Living create unique Split Level Homes customised entirely to your individual tastes.

One of Melbourne’s leading custom and luxury home builders, Destination Living specialises in creating beautifully-designed Split Level Homes. Years of experience have given our expert team the unique insights and vast levels of expertise required to create a split level house.

From height restrictions and overshadowing to drainage issues and retaining walls, our project consultants know exactly what it takes to achieve compliance with council regulations without compromising the quality of your new home. Planned to fit seamlessly with the natural lay of the land and the surrounding area, our Split level House Designs are built to maximise space, light, sustainability and livability.

Catering for narrow blocks and sloping blocks of all shapes, sizes and gradients, our totally transparent, unique approach and stringent adherence to cost control means you’ll never have to worry about nasty surprises or budget blow-outs …. just total peace of mind and complete control as we turn your vision into reality.