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Because of the shape and size of our block and the style of the house we wanted, we knew there was no option to buy our house ‘off the shelf’. Finding an architect was our first decision and then it was going through the process of who to choose.

I found Destination Living on the web then met them at the home show and enquired as I really liked some of the pictures of their homes.

Coming in for the first client meeting and meeting the architect and seeing the level of thought that went into the homes designed is what sold us. The clincher though, was that we loved the architect, we felt he understood us which was a big thing.

When we first saw the plans we were very excited, and thought they nailed it. There were a few changes, but they pretty much got it bang on.

We enjoyed how easy the design process was because we knew what we wanted, but not necessarily what it was going to look like. Also being able to hand it over to two people, the architect and interior designer, whom we really trusted to do something elegant and lasting that would never really date or wear out and that fits us as a family.

We’re super stoked as we know the house is going to be big, airy and flow well.

Christine and Nick from Northcote,